Refrigerants: Why Are They So Important?

We use refrigerant materials all the time. To cool our homes and to keep our perishables from going bad. A refrigerant is either a pure substance or a mixture of different materials, often a fluid of some kind, that is used in the refrigeration cycle. That is, it’s used to keep something cool (i.e. the air, food and drink, etc.). When it comes to running a compressor or HVAC unit efficiently, it takes a professional who understands not just the machinery but the materials, too.

calcium chloride brine - refrigerants

Types of Refrigerants

There are many different refrigerant types. For instance, many hydrocarbons serve as coolants, as well as ammonia and even carbon dioxide. More specifically, there are three different classes of refrigerants. Class 1 substances cool by a physical phase change, usually confined to boiling. Class 2 coolants cool by a temperature change and the materials often include:


  • Alcohol
  • Calcium chloride brine
  • Sodium chloride brine

Class 3 materials contain solution vapors that can be liquefied. Many of these solutions can fall under several other categories. There is another system of classifying coolants which assigns each substance what is called an R-number, and that number identifies what specific elements make up that substance.

A Reliable Company for Good Results

As refrigerant recovery companies go, we here at Priebe Mechanical are committed to installing your heating and cooling devices professionally and effectively. We also specialize in maintenance for these units so that they continue running smoothly. Our staff members are well-trained and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We have the resources necessary for proper installation, maintenance and selecting the right materials for the job. We not only work on HVAC units, but boilers and other systems, as well. For more information on our products and services, please call us at 586-293-6883 or visit our website today.



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