Keep Your Money Where it Belongs—In Your Wallet

Knowing your equipment will help trim your heating and cooling costs. Changing filters as often as your units require can save money on performance usage, and increase the life and quality of your unit.
By controlling the environment in your home, and ensuring your home’s health, you will also increase your family’s health. Achieving all this and more is easy. Here’s how to keep your money where it belongs:

  1. Use products that have a higher energy efficiency rating.
  2. Be sure to close your windows and doors for the best heating and cooling effects.
  3. Change your filters monthly or as often as manufacturers recommend.
  4. Move furniture at least 4 inches away from return air grilles for adequate air supply.
  5. Have a Priebe Mechanical service technician out to your home for regular maintenance to perform yearly checkups on your equipment.

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