Warming Your Home With the Right Furnace

As much as air conditioning helps to regulate the temperature of our homes during the hot, sticky summer months, furnaces can do the same thing during the crisp, cold winter. So how do these unique contraptions work? First, some generate heat by burning a fuel source like gas, wood or coal. Other heating systems run solely by electric energy, but they all help move warm air through the home or office building you’re trying to heat.

Different Kinds of Furnaces

Furnaces vary in many ways, including their methods for heating the home, the fuel they use, and even the area each unit is meant to heat. There are several different systems that can heat a building:


  • Boilers
  • Heating stoves
  • Central heaters
  • Electric heating units

These types of furnaces all function a little bit differently. Boilers first heat the water in a tank, and then the heated water travels through the building’s pipe and heating system. Heating stoves are perhaps a little more old-fashioned, and they require some type of fuel like wood or coal. They don’t necessarily heat as large an area as a central furnace or an electric unit, but they can still be effective in small-sized rooms.

Regardless of the kind of home furnace you have, it’s imperative that it be installed properly and serviced regularly for optimal performance. Choosing a reliable company for such tasks is also crucial for maximizing the comfort level of your home or office environment. The professionals at Priebe Mechanical are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We repair and maintain your products to increase reliability and lower your costs.

Getting Professional Assistance

Our company is certified and insured for the installation and maintenance of various HVAC systems. At Priebe Mechanical, we offer a wide array of products to fit your home or office heating and cooling needs. For more details or to get your quote today, call us at 586-293-6883, or visit our website.



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