What Is Air-Conditioning?

While you undoubtedly enjoy your home’s HVAC system, you may not be entirely clear on just how it works. Here at Priebe Mechanical, we not only want to take excellent care of your air conditioning unit, we also want to teach you a few things about how it works so that you can get the most out of it as you remain cool and comfortable inside your home.

air conditioning unit

Typical Split Systems

Standard air conditioner units are composed of two systems: the outdoor compressor bearing unit and the interior coil that’s usually installed on top of the home’s furnace. Refrigerant is pumped through the system via compressor pumps to collect all the heat in your home before sending the warmed air over the interior coil. Hot air on the coil is shifted outside your home to keep you and your family as comfortable as possible.

Some of the great things about an air conditioning unit that make your household better include:

  • Quiet operation, because the compressor bearing unit is outside your home rather than inside.
  • Lower humidity levels, since ACs gather moisture and hot air at the same time, which you’re sure to appreciate if you suffer from allergies or want to reduce your chances of having mildew or mold in your home.
  • Better indoor air quality, because any air pollutants that are in your home are pulled through the ductwork and churned outside of your home. If you like, you can install special filters to remove as many interior air pollutants as possible so you and everyone else in the house can breathe easy.

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If your air conditioner is ever on the fritz, or if you feel it’s time for an upgrade, know that the experienced professionals of Priebe Mechanical are here to help. Feel free to give us a call at your earliest convenience at 586-293-6883. You’re also free to contact us via online message.



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